Hildegard and the Bard


SUNDAY 15 OCTOBER 2017, 6pm


Beautiful songs, chants and duets from medieval Germany and Renaissance France are paired with timeless Celtic folk melodies to bring you Hildegard and the Bard. Music for inspiration and contemplation in an exquisite space, Maleny’s Lift Gallery. See Lift Gallery for more information. 

The première of Three Forces of the Soul was a collaborative event for the Inaugural Horizon Festival, which celebrated the musical, healing and artistic passions of twelfth-century mystic, Hildegard of Bingen. Three major threads of her work were brought together by Amanda Cole, Heidi Merika (naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants) and Anne Harris (contemporary process artist, who uses plants as the foundation of her work).

Listen and watch a video of Amanda Cole singing Hildegard’s chant Ave Generosa with pictures and translation for an enhanced experience of Hildegard’s genius.

Listen and watch an excerpt from a recent concert in Caloundra (June 2017). Amanda Cole sings two arrangements of English folksongs, Sprig of Thyme and Willow, Willow with members of the Pacific Chamber Players. The arrangements are by Percy Grainger and have been further arranged by Amanda Cole for small chamber ensemble. This concert was part of the 4MBS Festival of Classics.

The performance venue exhibited Hildegard-inspired works by Harris and herbal/medicinal installation by Merika. Into this unique, creative space Cole brought Hildegard’s exquisite chants in the context of a historical and dramatic narrative, giving them voice and spirit for the opening night event featuring all three artists (Friday 9 September 2016). The following day featured free floor talks and free admission to this remarkable exhibition. Sunday 11 September was a Hildegard Immersion/Omni-Sensory Workshop in which participants were invited to go deeper through active participation in visual art, herbal medicine and music. Encouraging free, creative and spiritual expression, the principal artists were the guides and teachers, offering a personal understanding of Hildegard’s work and its value today.